This is a site which publishes personalised or non-personalised articles and essays written by myself, friends, relatives, readers, writers, anyone and everyone on various and random subjects, addressing common misconceptions made by lay people on the subject or addressing inconspicuous should-know facts of well-known everyday matters.

Readers are welcomed to submit your own “What Lay People Should Know” article to be published on this site, under the following simple 4 Rules of Thumb + 4 Terms and Conditions. Contact me via email at  zad.datu@gmail.com.

4 Rules of Thumb:
  1. Write an article containing roughly 1000 to 2,000 words on any subject of which you are knowledgeable in, it should be a subject which you are passionate about, with (i) the aim to address the common misconceptions made by laypeople on the said subject, avoiding using the words “misconception” or “laypeople”; or (ii) to addressing inconspicuous should-know facts of well-known everyday matters; or simply (iii) a personal experience based article which suits the title.
  2. The title of the article will be “What Lay People Should Know about <subject> – <subtitle> (<type>)”.Where <subtitle> is just to specify further the content of the article and <type> can be something like genera, technical, non-technical, personal or humour.
  3. The style of writing is up to you, whether it humorous, sarcastic or argumentative as long as the message of the content is made clear.
  4. Although you can personalise your article, the content must generally be factual based, which may require a bit of research. NEVER invent facts; opinions are fine.

4 Terms and Conditions:
  1. By submitting your article to us, you are giving us the rights to publish the article anywhere with the condition that we credit the article to you, using your actual name, username, nickname or penname as however you prefer.
  2. If you wish to publish your article which has been submitted and published here elsewhere, you have the right to do so with a request that the article is linked or referenced to this site.
  3. You may submit an already existing article that you have written and published elsewhere, as long as you have the ownership rights over the article or permission to do so. The article title will be formatted to as described in point #1 of Rules of Thumb.
  4. If we feel that certain contents are inappropriate following the Blogger: Content Policy (http://www.blogger.com/content.g), or an excessive overlap of an already published article here, or being out of the range of the rule of thumb, we will request for you to edit the article or we will edit the article ourselves.
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